Jobman is not limited to size but we do not charge for user licenses and under the fair play policy we maintain that 100 active staff can use Jobman with out incurring additional user licence charges. Please contact Jobman for pricing if your company requires more licenses.

Large sized business 30-100 staff

Jobman can be installed onto your existing server setup in a (VM) Virtual Machine environment where we remote install a Linux operating system. Your current IT support company does not need to be Linux savvy for  this to occur. A detailed list of instructions can be sent to your IT support company/staff prior to sale or installation.

Medium sized business 10-50 staff

Although Jobman can be a hosted solution which offers all the benefits that the internet provides, a better way to go is a pre-configured server that is designed to run Jobman. For around $2500 we can supply a server that just plugs straight into your network.

Jobman offers 2 solutions

  1. SuperMicro Server

    This option requires the mapping to a NAS Drive or Server for file management

    1. Kingston 4GB 1600MHz DDR3L ECC CL11 DIMM
      2 x Samsung 850 Pro Series 2.5″ 128GB SSD
      2 x HDD in 3.5″ Hot Swap HDD tray
      3.5″ 1TB 64MB Intellipower NAS HDD
  2. Jobman in a box

    Perfect for small to medium-sized businesses the HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 X3216 not only is powerful, compact but looks great. Jobman pre-installed and plenty of space to be Jobman’s file server that can be expanded as your business grows makes for an amazing solution that makes getting set up and going faster. See video here.

    Benefits of having an onsite server are

  • No hosting charges
  • Faster network performance
  • Internet outages will not affect Jobman on intranet operations.
  • Mapping options to a file server allow file creation for Lead and Jobs for storing all other Job related data that will be accessible through Jobman. This feature comes setup on the Jobman in a box solution.

Small sized business 5-20

Want to get your business started on solid foundations and but not sure how to proceed?

Jobman can host your Jobman solution and also link it to your business DropBox account for file server capabilities.