Agenda Screens allow the user to create as many screens as they wish that can be displayed on smart TV’s or Web-enabled┬áTV’s, Tablets, Computers so that staff know what task needs completing next.

As soon as a Job falls into a particular Status and certain Operation/s are checked off they appear on assigned Agenda Screens. Typically the Staff member commences the next Job at the top of the screen.

Agenda Screens consist of the following functionality.

  • Prioritise Jobs out of sequence due to importance.
  • Add notes to overall Job.
  • Add a note to an Operation.

Agenda Screens assist companies of all sizes with the following benefits.

  • Dramatically reduce staff wandering around looking for their line manager to ask what their┬ánext Job is.
  • Create a better workflow.
  • Allow for remote factory control.
  • Increase job management transparency to new levels.