Alerts is a very powerful feature that can validate purchasing Jobman all by its self. If your company suffers from any of the following points then Jobman has this covered.

  • People leaving their work station to report a problem but never documenting what is wrong.
  • Never having a record of how many things have gone wrong.
  • Missing critical information of what the actual issue is and how to prevent it from happening again.
  • Evidence of the issue in a location that is easily accessible. Like a photo that is stored with the problem.

Alerts can be created from the smartphone or tablet interface which allows a photo to be taken and attach it automatically to the notification or from the touchscreen which can be any computer.

​Editing an Alert or changing its status or creating a work order can be done by double-clicking on it.

Under the Admin section down the bottom are some variable settings for the Alerts feature. These two settings are;

  • The number of days that an Alert can be overdue before notifying a superior.
  • Who to notify.

There is a redundancy feature in case a person is away the Alert_Overdue_Notify_Days will alert the next line manager.

To add a photo simply click on the Upload a file button and choose the camera button, take the photo and click OK. This will take a few seconds while the photo uploads. You can keep repeating this process up 4 photos. Adding some details of the Alert will give the person what the Alert is about. These Alerts will now be visible from the Job Book/Alerts screen.
You can click on an image to add details about the Alert and save these details to this Alert.
On the far of the search box is a button that allows for searching all Alerts created for this Job Number. Click on one of these will load the Alert to edit. This may be used to correct details or look at an image from the phone.