Job and Lead Specs

Specifications allow the user to create customized forms that allow real-time information about the Lead you are about to quote or the Job you are working on. This functionality is also available on tablets and offers the following features.

  • Customize Headers, Questions Types, Questions, and possible answers.
  • Filters that allow certain questions to only apply to certain Areas.

Question types allow from the following options

  • Dropbox; Allows for comma separated answers to display as options for the user to choose from.
  • Textbox; Allows for a one to two-word answer to be typed in a small box.
  • Textarea; Makes a page-wide text box for where the user can add notes.
  • Checkbox; Makes a checkbox option for the user to select.
  • Availability Chart; Provides functionality for the user to search Availability Charts for correct selection of an Availability Chart item. It is also possible to define preselected fields when this option is selected. This will assist with untrained persons selecting incorrect data.
  • Duplicate; Allows for the previous question/s to be duplicated allowing for as many variations as required.


Forms can be used in multiple ways. Whether it is to gain more information about the condition of the site at site measure or to create your own form where you can upload photos about the fact that appliances were delivered to site unmarked.

A couple of examples

When printed will look like this.