Jobman encompasses all aspects of production, execution and manufacturing. It gives you the power to automate, control and plan ahead.

With Jobman on your shop floor, the result is virtual elimination of many production hold ups. This software allows for smooth functioning even under pressure and tight deadlines.

The operational performance of your business will increase significantly when you are harnessing the power of Jobman.

Job Management

  • Create new job records automatically from leads
  • Manage and store all document/job files to a central shared drive “Read more
  • Forecast production milestones and scheduling, based on pre-set values
  • Track and update job status/monitor job operations with visual screens
  • Create detailed job specifications, customisable to Area Types “Read more”
  • Track and order appliances and job extras
  • Manage and log job variations
  • Access standard forms and letters related to the project

Relationship Management

  • Maintain all supplier and client contact details in a central database
  • Maintain correspondence with clients within the database
  • Email purchase orders and communications with clients and suppliers from within the application
  • Automatic email triggers can be setup as operations or target dates occur to notify status or provide information to intended target


  • Login to JOBMAN on the factory floor, select a job, select the machine they are working on and the operation they are performing to provide accurate time costings per job
  • View an auditable trail of all changes made on a job by person
  • Review productivity/capacity of workstations and compare time estimates actual production times logged

Time and Attendance

  • Touchscreens – Record staff members time via internet and intranet connected devices using Jobman’s Touchscreens on Tablets or computers.
  • Mobile_Touchscreens – Capture staff’s GPS location on Jobman’s Google Maps interface via smartphone’s while also logging time spent on operation.
  • Time Sheets – Enter, modify and edit captured times with drag and drop functionality.


  • View production milestones by job at a glance in daily, weekly or monthly views
  • Filter the scheduler on key targets
  • Quickly determine which jobs are on or behind schedule and locate hold-ups

Stock Control

  • Create a master list/stock availability chart detailing every line item and pre-setting minimum stock levels
  • Import and export CSV files for stock management
  • Manage raw materials throughout the entire production process
  • Create purchase orders by job or for all jobs and send via JOBMAN as a PDF file to suppliers


  • Access any number of customisable report templates across the entire JOBMAN database from job status reports to stock reports and more
  • Easily create your own ‘user-defined’ reports and save reporting templates.
  • Report on Time Sheets by Staff Member, Job Number, Operation or a selection of either by date range.