JOBMAN CLASSIC with options is the “Bells and whistles” version of Jobman. This software has all the features of Time and Attendance, as well as many others, which will help to fully streamline your business.

To compare Jobman against other software, we’ve made this handy checklist so that you don’t miss any details when deciding on which way to go with your companies centralised database software system:


Jobman works out more cost effective over time because we do not charge for user licenses. That’s right, we will not stand in your way while your company grows from strength to strength.

Jobman has two starting points. One for the smaller company that wishes to lay foundations and good business practices with Jobman Essentials starting at $8400 AUD and one for the established business needing to escape excel spreadsheets, legacy software and a general lack of systems and procedures starting at $16000 with many plug in options that can range up to $40 000.

Please contact us for an exact quote with the options that you need now and enquire about the ones that you may need in the future.

Jobman also offers payment plans on a 40% deposit. (Terms and Conditions apply)