Jobman is Cloud-based software that runs in Google Chrome. Manufacturing software solutions require a file server solution where attachments are easily accessible when required. File attachments like drawing files can be large in size and accessing these files locally allows for editing real-time where ever you are.

Dropbox can be used as your file server for file attachments or if you are a large company we offer installation onto your existing server in a virtual environment with all the benefits the browser-based software has to offer. Read more here.


Jobman is not limited to size, we do not charge for factory user licenses and under the fair play policy, we maintain that 50 active staff can use Jobman without incurring additional user licence charges. Please contact Jobman for pricing if your company requires more licenses. Typically we categorize business into 3 types of software installations.


Includes 12 office user licences. Suitable for larger organisations.


Includes 6 office user licences. Suitable for medium organisations.


Includes 2 office user licences. Suitable for smaller organisations.

Client-Server. Large sized business 30-100 staff

Jobman can be installed onto your existing server setup in a (VM) Virtual Machine environment where we remote install a Linux operating system. Your current IT support company does not need to be Linux savvy for  this to occur. A detailed list of instructions can be sent to your IT support company/staff prior to sale or installation. Details about server requirement can be found here.

If you are not fortunate to have a reliable internet connection where your place of business is then we do have server solutions also that Jobman can be installed on and still run as a browser application.

Super Micro Server. Medium sized business 10-50 staff

Although Jobman can be a hosted solution which offers all the benefits that the internet provides, a better way to go is a pre-configured server that is designed to run Jobman. For around $2500 we can supply a server that just plugs straight into your network.

For Medium to large businesses that are chasing a server solution to map to their NAS Drive or current File Server, this will slot into your server rack and look just the part offering redundancy and premium Jobman performance.

Your copy of Jobman can reside at your company. Simply by going to http://”yourcompanyname” when setup, you can access all your company data and related files (normally on a File Server or NAS drive) internal of your company or external like you would any other web address. All you need is the address and User Name and Password.

If you do not own a rack server, it can be located on a table as long as it can plug into your network. We can do the rest with the aid of your local network administrator.

Jobman in a box

Perfect for small to medium-sized businesses this purpose built microserver offers form and function in a compact unit. These servers will host your Jobman software application and also offer up 6 Terabytes of file server space so that you have plenty of room to grow.

Included in this server;

  • ASUS P10S-I MB, Socket 1151, Intel C232, 4x DDR4,
  • 1x Intel Xeon Quad Core E3-1230v6 LGA 1151 3.5GHz CPU
  • 2x WD Red 6TB PRO NAS 3.5′ 7200RPM SATA3 6Gb/s 256MB
  • Kingston 16GB (1x16GB) DDR4 UDIMM 2400MHz CL17 1.2V

Benefits of having an onsite server are

  • No hosting charges
  • Faster network performance
  • Internet outages will not affect Jobman on intranet operations.
  • Mapping Jobman to a local file server allows the creation of a folder and file structure for Leads and Jobs. This file structure is accessible from within Jobman and your local network. This feature comes standard with every Jobman installation.
Small sized business 5-20

Want to get your business started on solid foundations but not sure how to proceed?

Jobman can host your Jobman solution.