Automating sales processes, increasing sales transparency and reporting is handled in a very linear fashion with Jobman.

Once the Lead is created and targets are set, the salesperson will always know where they are up to and can prioritize their day using the following screens.

The Lead Checklist can be activated from any Target Date and automatically populated forward, backward or both. As staff use Time and Attendance features of Jobman, Operations are ticked off and the Status progresses automatically until the Lead is won or lost and a Job is automatically created.

Fully customisable Specification Sheets that are also viewable through tablet interfaces for live data entry will eliminate questions being forgotten and with the ability to duplicate multiple questions on the fly and the ability to select only real-world availability chart items the chances of getting it wrong will be greatly diminished.


Also reporting on sales performances that can be printed and also exported to a .csv like all of our reports provides clear direction on how your sales team is performing.