Regardless of how you wish to quote or how your quote should look Jobman has you covered. With a powerful array of features that provide ultimate control so that you can quote quickly and accurately providing complete transparency for those who need to know. Couple this with the ability select from predefined customised templates you can create, duplicate, edit change the status and also turn accepted quotes into an invoice with a few clicks and email which can then sync with your accounting software.

Quote Presets

Quotes can be created from multiple Quote Presets that allow for quick quote creation.

The process would normally be to add a Header then Items, Products, Labour, or Availability chart items, or a line item and then a Sub Total at the end of every section.

Quote Types

The types provide smart features that can be utilised in a quote. These items can appear on the Quote template or be hidden.

Appear Bold and displays on the quote. Percentages cannot read above this line
Sub Heading
Performs much the same as Heading but allows for per percentages to read above them allowing the user to tally percentages to portions of the quote.
Items can be a unit or simple quantifier of a unit price. Whole units or part values such as 3.4 can be used.
Sub Total
Subtotals tally off to the last Heading or Sub Heading.
Percentages can be added throughout the quote to read upwards of all items until it hits a Heading.
When clicking in the Item Line a drop-down menu will appear showing your Product Libary. Typing what you are looking for will start filtering products with those search variables.
When clicking in the Item Line a drop-down menu will appear showing your pre-defined Sundry Items. Typing what you are looking for will start filtering search variables.
Job Appliance
If you wish to price appliances in your quote then selecting this quote item will allow for items that have a model.
Availability Chart
Selecting in this field you will notice a search box to the right. Click on this will open up your availability chart items.
Selecting the labour field will allow a dropdown list of all the operations you have created that can be selected and assigned a time allocation. If the quote is accepted and a Job is created from this Lead the time will be automatically assigned to the operation previously selected.

A sample of this data is pictured below.

Quoting Assemblies and Creating ORD files (for Cabinet Vision)

The ability to quote from your Cabinet Vision Library and Create ORD files for Cabinet Vision is now possible. Firstly, if you have Cabinet Vision you may import your Cabinet Vision library then export it to a CSV to add and modify pricing then re-import.

ORD Files

From the quote, you can create or import an ORD file for Cabinet Vision Solid.

Note. For Ord file to work Cabinet Vision must have exact name in Jobman as in Cabinet Vision. Only these Cabinet in a quote will populate Cabinet Vision. Using the ORD feature may require some training. It is a relatively simple procedure.

Overhead and Profit Percentages

The Overhead and Profit Percentage feature allow’s the Quote Sell Price to be calculated explicitly, by adding preset Overhead and Profit margins to the Buy Price. The percentage values are pre-set in the configuration but can be manually adjusted after loading an item.