Reporting for many types of software is a very powerful feature. But accurate reports can only be generated from accurate data. Jobman has many reports that exist on the purchase of Jobman but more can be implemented without to much hassle.  Capturing the data for your report may require further programming. Other layout and reports can be written at an additional charge.

Tip. To access more reports that may not have been enabled on your system click add new Reports and go straight to Class. Here you might see new reports that you can enable. Give it a name and set other fields as required. Reports can be modified with your favourite filters and “Saved As” a sperate report.



Editing a report will take you to the report itself.  This report may be edited and saved as a new report with a different name.

The information displayed on this report can be edited and moved around so that you can print the desired information. This can be saved as a PDF, printed or exported to a .csv.

NOTE. When you wish to close this window there is a close button on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.