Some of the unique benefits of Jobman are:

  • Total Web Based Solution – accessible remotely from anywhere in the world through your web browser.
  • Weekly updates – Jobman remains constantly updated with new features and enhancements. See examples here
  • End to end ERP – a powerful all in one platform, allowing ultimate transparency of information so that everyone can have the information required to do their job well.
  • Customisable – ensures the software is in sync with the specific requirements of your business
  • Multiple Users – management and floor staff all have access to the one central system with 5 levels of user access control
  • Flexible Tracking – merges manufacturing, distribution, finance, stock control and human resources all into the one content management system
  • Advanced job scheduler – saves time with pre-planning for upcoming jobs
  • Security – provides up to five levels of security
  • Automatic Alerts – monitors job progress and keeps projects on track
  • Automated Email Notifications – provides faster feedback and hassle-free status updates
  • Training and Support – Jobman is backed up by full training and in-person support and also has a great training platform.
  • Integrates with today’s technologies like Tablets, Smart Phones, PC on a stick and other emerging technologies.
  • Integrates with accounting software packages and CAD CAM packages to maximise efficiencies.

Wally and Alex discuss how Jobman has benefited Master Cabinets.