JOBMAN is hosted on a growing number of servers in locations across the globe so your data complies with GDPR standards making sure speeds are as fast as possible.

Web-based software applications can offer businesses substantial cost and operational savings when compared to traditional desktop software on stand-alone computers.


We have several servers that we use to provide the Jobman application to clients.   Currently, we are putting new clients onto a cloud server that is hosted by Linode in a Sydney data centre.  Linode is one of the largest cloud hosting providers available to us, and they have an enviable uptime record.  We haven’t had any downtime on our Linode server since we commissioned it, late 2020.

This solution has been working well for both our clients, and us.

The other servers that are part of the application include:

  • Source code and deployment server (VM located in a Perth data centre, colocated ESXi hardware managed by Servers Australia)
  • Backup server (VM located in a Perth data centre, managed by HostAway)

We have dozens of other servers that provide services to other clients, however, the ones above are what are involved with new clients.


We place a strong emphasis on maintaining reliable backups.  Sites that are hosted on our hosted server are backed up in two independent places:

  1. Linode’s built-in backup solution, built and managed by Linode
  2. Our own backup solution, built and maintained by us

We periodically audit these backups, to ensure that they are working, and that client sites are able to be rebuilt from these backups.

Our own backup routine backs up client data every 4 hours, and stores multiple versions of their databases.  We keep 4-hourly, daily, weekly and monthly backups, going back 3 months.
Linode’s backup solution stores daily, weekly and bi-weekly backups.

Both backup solutions are stored offsite compared to the server.  In our case, the backup server is on opposite side of Australia to the application server.


We monitor all our servers with Grafana Cloud, which automatically alerts us to potential issues before they become a problem.  For example, if a server gets above 85% disk usage, we will receive an alert to let us know that we need to allocate more resources to it.  This monitoring system allows us to zoom in on any point in time, to closely examine metrics within a small time frame if required.  This has proven very useful to diagnose issues in the past.

We also monitor certain sites with UptimeRobot, which periodically checks to see if the application is available to the internet.

Status reporting

Our status page is located at:  You can subscribe to updates on this page if you want to.  This automatically monitors our services, and will alert you if there is a problem.  We also send out messages to this page if there is an issue, or if we have scheduled some maintenance on our servers.


Security is very important to us, which is why we do the following to our servers:

  • Turn off root access to our servers
  • Require ssh keys to log in (password authentication is disabled)
  • Enable fail2ban, which automatically blocks hacking attempts
  • Use long passwords for when they are required
  • Automatically update the OS every day

On the application level, we also ensure that users who use the Jobman application use hard to guess passwords (minimum length, requiring upper and lowercase letters, as well as a non-alphanumeric character).


Our staff are required to keep all your data confidential, this forms part of their Contract Of Employment.  We would never disclose your sales data to anyone, not even your staff.

As part of our service, staff are able to log into your Jobman Application, using an extremely long password that is changed whenever there is a change in our staff.  This is required for training and support purposes.  We would normally only log into your site when solving support issues, or helping with training.

The biggest risk to your data security is a staff member leaving, and still being able to log in.  We recommend setting their staff status to “Inactive” as part of your offboarding process.

Updates are seamless

Instead of having to patch each and every individual user, the patches/upgrades are applied to the server and each user accesses the updated version the next time they log in.

No admin rights required

Finally, a world where the network administrator in the company does not have to approve the installation of your software! All the administrator is required to do is set up new users and give them an access level.

Available anywhere, anytime

Home, office, hotel, internet café – no matter where you find yourself you can logon with your username and password to your JOBMAN site and access data. This allows you to work from home or away and enter data or run the same reports as you would as if you were at your office desk.

Platform independent

Whether you are running a Windows, Mac OS or Linux system you can use JOBMAN . There is no investment in additional software or operating system – load any Internet browser and you are ready to get started!

Usable from inexpensive PCs

Run JOBMAN on low-end computers, laptops and tablets! Dual core processors as a minimum are recommended but not essential. This means it is achievable to create workstations throughout the office or factory giving all staff access to JOBMAN.


The nature of web-based software allows for greater customisation for the end user. JOBMAN allows this because development can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

Data is kept safe in hosting environment

Your JOBMAN database can be hosted and backed up offsite or better still in-house on your own server. The benefit is rather than backing up many computers, you are only backing up one server.

Automatic Virus Protection

With web-based applications like JOBMAN your data is safe from viruses. Because it lives on the web and not on a hard drive there is automatic protection from any possible data corruption.