Save money by managing your entire project lifecycle

In today’s competitive business environment, it is essential to increase productivity while minimising time wasteage.

Managerial level personnel can pre-program and customise Jobman to function to the needs of the business. Jobman also tracks and saves any changes made by workers, thereby providing an auditable trail.

Inventory control and management is a key feature of Jobman allowing you to deliver to your customers the right goods at the right time and right place. Plus with Jobman you can configure simple or sophisticated scheduling – saving you time and in turn cost to the business.

More ways to manage production with Jobman:

  • Browser based software allows access from anywhere anytime on multiple devices
  • Manage multiple job types and workflows
  • Integrate with Cabinet Vision and Xero for seamless job management
  • Forecast production milestones and scheduling based on pre-set values
  • Set automatic email triggers for Jobs and Leads to alert people to tasks that have not been completed
  • Track and update Job Status / monitor job operations with various browser based interfaces
  • Create detailed job specifications that are room type specific.
  • Track and order appliances and job extras
  • Manage and log job variations
  • Identify bottlenecks and review
  • Edit and change templates to suit your liking
  • Manage and store all documents/job files to a central shared drive