Save time with increased productivity.

Whether you are a high level manager or the workman on the shop floor, Jobman’s easy to use interface means that anyone can effortlessly manage and regulate ongoing jobs.

Tiny computers like this PC on a stick (under $200) simply plugged into any screen that has a HDMI port allow full Jobman capabilities on any screen. No longer do you have to connect tablets and PC’s to large flat screens to run your web browser. WIFI enabled and coupled with a Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse, you can display Jobman on large screens so that everyone can see what’s to do with Jobman’s Agenda Screens.

Jobman improves your business process; empowering both you and your employees by giving timely, up-to-date information and transparent operational control. Work delegation, stock control and inventory visibility is made easier. It allows multiple tasks to be performed concurrently while at the same time, identifying and cutting down production bottlenecks.